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Luisa Alison Miller Butterscotch is a 19-year-old teenager who enjoys walking, horseback riding and watching the boxes. She's smart and reliable, but she can be very distant and a little impatient.

She is American and defines herself as heterosexual. She finished school and then left the academy. She is obsessed with period dresses and underwear fashion.

Physically, Alison is in great shape. She is short, with tanned skin, black hair and green eyes. She has an Audrey Hepburn tattoo on her left shoulder.

She grew up in a high-class neighborhood. Her parents separated when she was little, but they remained friends and provided her with a happy and stable home.

She is currently single. Her most recent romance was with a novelist named Keane Clifford Cruz, who was 3 years older than her. They broke up because Keane felt threatened by Alison's intelligence and beauty.

Alison's best friend is a teenager named Magnus Morrison. They get along the majority of the time. She also hangs out with Lukas Singh and Riley Hall. They enjoy photographing together.

Finally she is definitely an sexy woman who has a website where she promotes her best photos in her spare time showing her underwear that have attracted much attention in this daring world.

Alison currently has a lot of reputation in the realm of social networks and will not plan to stay there, wants more! In his projects has mentioned that his goal is the roll-out of an underwear design agency where he will have the support of the gay and heterosexual community, models from every place in the world and for every different audience. In contrast, she will make her own promotion of emblematic products and will spare no expense and is willing to break taboos currently of fashion specializing in intimate apparel.
Finally, Alison is a unique woman with many ambitions but that doesn't limit her great personality and sympathy towards others, in her spare time she loves to walk outdoors and ride horses, supports the sport and sporadically visits some football clubs and goes to concerts of bands of artist friends since adolescence.