Monday, 02/18/2019

Eleventy Years Already?

Many aeons ago--or 11 years--life changed dramatically for the better.  Some Random Chick from Oregon emailed me out of the blue to talk about politics and activism.

Yaddah yaddah yaddah, Ericka moved all the way across the country.  A nice start to our lives together was it happened in the blissful epoch of hope and change that was just beginning:

Outside the LIttleton, NH, headquarters after a long night celebrating an historic event.

After the Bush Interregnum, what relief!  Now we find ourselves in another precarious epoch.  Family sustains.

Yes, our kids bring light into our collective lives. But for me most of all, the Love of my Life.  Who took a risk to relocate to the Other Coast.  Who didn't run away upon discovering my domestic...quirks.  Who worked so hard to provide for her family.  Who taught me the need for organization and joy of making a bed.  Who has stuck around at times when I really didn't deserve it.  Who makes me laugh because she's funny as fuck.  Who is the most thoughtful and smartest person I've ever known.

And she brought us back where we belong in the Pacific Time Zone

Life's different in this point in space at this time in history, but in some ways not.

It's been a great ride.  I love and adore you Ericka.


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Friday, 02/15/2019

Союз нерушимый республик свободных

United forever in friendship and labor...


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ay, there's the rub

Journal, Day Three:

Well, reader, I think I’ve clocked my 14th sleepless night this year. Hold the applause. Normally, I average about two per month. Ever since senior year in high school, I have developed this unremitting anxiety and angst-filled relationship with Time (yes, a few significant events happened that year, which will remain between me and my future therapist), which expresses itself in a kind of hopeless restlessness as the late hours approach, a rising kind of agitation.

To be frank, I think I am addicted to wakefulness, the great portal to my imagination and storehouse of odd images bursting at the threshold of consciousness seeking release in the wee hours. I care to know nothing about the I word, so have not scheduled a visit to my primary care physician. To say I have been ambivalent about being cured or drugged nightly is to miss how crucial and important I believe it is to my poetry. I can nearly feel my spirit untangling all those accumulated and layered sense impressions and felt experiences. I am not alone when I say that I like the access it gives me to my unconscious, not to mention the spirit world, passing over what some cultures refer to as the Kalunga line. Sometimes, I hallucinate, like tonight, you should have seen these large clef notes, the size of bats, flittering above my head. Earlier, the scent of butterscotch flooded my mouth. It’s not that I cannot fall asleep if I lay down; I just care not to.

Major Jackson.


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The Nineteenth Amendment Must Be Unconstitutional

Happy Birthday, Susan B Anthony, who was arrested for voting a straight Republican ticket in 1872--the presiding judge denied her the opportunity to testify on her own behalf, amongst other miscarriages of justice.  Seven years later on her natal day, Republican President Rutherford B Hayes signed a bill that allowed women attorneys to argue cases before SCOTUS.  Wasn't that nice?


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"I see no flaws in this logic."


Yes, following the procedures laid out in the 25th Amendment would be the most flagrant violation of the Constitution imaginable.

These guys really do love declaring the Constitution unconstitutional.  Why is that?


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Wednesday, 02/13/2019

My battery is low and it's getting dark

Yes, I cried during WALL-E, too.


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mine already is an afrikan name

my poem:

a love person
from love people
out of the afrikan sun
under the sign of cancer.
whoever see my
midnight smile
seeing star apple and
mango from home.
whoever take me for
a negative thing,
his death be on him
like a skin
and his skin
be his heart’s revenge.

Lucille Clifton.


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Leave Elijah Alone!

One ought never remind Trump officials of their crimes:

Elliott Abrams, the former Assistant Secretary of State who was one of the Reagan Administration's fiercest advocates of armed support for the Nicaraguan rebels, pleaded guilty today to two misdemeanor counts of withholding information from Congress about secret efforts to aid the guerrillas.

Mr. Abrams's guilty pleas and his promise to cooperate with Iran-contra prosecutors may open another avenue for investigators as they make what appears to be a final push to broaden their search for wrongdoing at the senior levels of the Reagan Administration.

The independent prosecutor, Lawrence E. Walsh, was forced on Sept. 16 to drop all charges against a main figure in the case, Oliver L. North, but he has made some headway in pursuing efforts to conceal the affair at the Central Intelligence Agency. The Abrams investigation takes Mr. Walsh for the first time into the Reagan State Department.

1991 was a long time ago, youthful indiscretion, anti-semitism [see RMJ], etc.


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Tuesday, 02/12/2019

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

Sgt Pepper taught Bernstein to play Gershwin?


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bombs like human tears watering the world’s gardens

The Tongues We Speak:

[W]henever Trouble came in the front door I ran out the back
And fell into the pit of my bones.

Escaped from those burning buildings, the past,
What balance can any of us hope for?

I was comparing lipsticks
The day Nagasaki vanished.

The day Solzhenitsyn disappeared into the Gulag
I was attending a cocktail party.

Perhaps there are only ashes in my handbag.

Patricia Goedicke.


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This can be and this must be a time of reconciliation and renewal for America.

Congressional Record, February 12, 1999:

Daily Digest


Senate sitting as a Court of Impeachment adjudged President
Clinton not guilty as charged in Impeachment Articles I and II.

Twenty.  Fucking.  Years.


PS--Apropos of nothing.

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