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March 25, 2011



Yeah, I think we need a different name. "Department of Peace" will never fly these days; it's just too honest. Just like we have to pretend it's "defense" that DOD is doing in these 3 wars against 3 countries who didn't attack us or even slightly threaten to require us to defend our homeland. In the good old days, our forefathers called it what it is: the War Department, and they liked it that way. Nowadays we need a patriotic-sounding euphemism to feel good about ourselves.

I believe the rationalization used for DOD is that we're doing a pre-emptive sort of defense by attacking people first so they never get to our homeland at all so we don't even need to use the regular old sort of defense. We should call the new one the "Department of Victory" since instead of fighting a war and winning it to restore peace, we're just practicing a pre-emptive sort of war-winning by preventing wars in the first place so we don't need the regular old sort of victory.

You don't have to thank me for the suggestion, I will take my compensation in the form of tearful patriotic pride every time I see the new DOV logo or letterhead.

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