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January 02, 2009



Like I've said, better branding would be "Quaka." Or at least "Friendz."

sidhra صيذر

homies. from a quaker's granddaughter.


I knew the relationship (roughly anyway, thanks for the details) between "orthodox" Quakers and the Shaking variety, but am curious: is the Church of the Brethren a Friends offshoot or result of schism from same, or a separate evolution entirely?

There are a number of them (along with Dunkers, which seems to have related beliefs but a more heavily German influence) in Pennsylvania and their beliefs seem to be closely related, particularly as regards pacificm and anti-war practices as a denomination. They, like the Quakers, disfellowshipped members for enlisting in the military as far back as the Civil War at any rate.


Xan - I think they are more Anabaptist offshoots (like Amish, Mennonite).

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That set of characteristics, so rooted in experience and its interpretation in changing times, each new revelation with more authority than the last, allowed and then encouraged Liberal Quakerism to be a religious enterprise always on the move.

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