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July 04, 2007


cosmic tumbler

The IRS may take their money from wages and bank accounts — with penalties and interest — after sending a series of letters.

So, if the IRS can garnish your wages to eventually collect the tax plus penalties, doesn't that result in the government getting more of your money in the long run? I've only known one person who was pursued by the IRS and it cost him a lot of money in fines and interest. I am not arguing against action step #90, but I guess I need to get more information.


Long-run, possibly, if you don't take action to keep the money from them.

But from where I sit, it's mostly a short-term protest tactic. I'm perfectly willing in the end to pay the penalties. After this war is over.

As I noted, I have paid taxes throughout my entire adult life, even when I've disagreed with our policies overall. I feel it's important to fund social programs, roads, etc. But right now nobody is making any sacrifices to stop this war--so I must do what I can individually.

And now, of course, not having a job means I don't have a tax burden, which is the one legal remedy to the situation...

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