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Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday Catblogging

Sam has taken to perching himself on the front porch railing to get us to let him in.

Also shot the Intersection, posted a couple in Not The Intersection, one in Winter In Vermont and an experimental self-portrait in Peopleblogging.  Oh, and a bunch in primitive.


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What a fur face! Looks a little stunned that you have that weird box in front of your face instead of leaping to his rescue! Let that cat in!

Posted by: ellroon | Feb 4, 2005 3:02:32 PM

"What am I, a clown? Do I amuse you? Put the damned camera down and let me in! I'm freezing my non-balls off out here!"

Posted by: watertiger | Feb 4, 2005 3:14:12 PM

I needed to leave him out there for a few more minutes to make sure the elephants were really gone.

Posted by: NTodd | Feb 4, 2005 4:43:33 PM

Look at that face!

"Didya see me yet? didya? are ya looking? hey dad, I'm cute!! let me in!! Quit playing with the camera! I swear I chased off the oliphants! "

Posted by: four legs good | Feb 4, 2005 6:57:36 PM

Dude, my paws are friggen freezin'! Lemme in!

Posted by: F'in Librul | Feb 4, 2005 9:35:41 PM

nice cat. let him in. also some nice pictures. i like intersection. but primitive might be better labelled outtakes.

Posted by: dread pirate roberts | Feb 5, 2005 1:01:52 PM

Okay, okay, I'll let him in. But I just know as soon as he eats some chow, he'll want to go back outside. It's been in the 30s for days.

dread - I call the album 'primitive' because the phonecam is pretty...well, primitive compared to my Nikon. It's quite a challenge using it at times!

Posted by: NTodd | Feb 5, 2005 2:56:04 PM

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