Sunday, 01/15/2017

You're Gonna Have To Answer To The Pemberton Medicine Company

Do you recall what Clemenceau once said about soda?


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How does a person get to be a capable liar?

Golly, How Truth Will Out:

Oh to be Machiavellian, Oh to be unscrupulous,
Oh to be glib!
Oh to be ever prepared with a plausible fib!
Because then a dinner engagement or a contract
or a treaty is no longer a fetter,
Because liars can just logically lie their way
out of it if they don’t like it or if one comes
along that they like better...

Ogden Nash.


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Я, например, приветствовать наших новых повелителей русский

Not Lin-Manuel Miranda, Federalist 37:

Energy in government is essential to that security against external and internal danger, and to that prompt and salutary execution of the laws which enter into the very definition of good government. Stability in government is essential to national character and to the advantages annexed to it, as well as to that repose and confidence in the minds of the people, which are among the chief blessings of civil society.

An irregular and mutable legislation is not more an evil in itself than it is odious to the people; and it may be pronounced with assurance that the people of this country, enlightened as they are with regard to the nature, and interested, as the great body of them are, in the effects of good government, will never be satisfied till some remedy be applied to the vicissitudes and uncertainties which characterize the State administrations.

On comparing, however, these valuable ingredients with the vital principles of liberty, we must perceive at once the difficulty of mingling them together in their due proportions.

The genius of republican liberty seems to demand on one side, not only that all power should be derived from the people, but that those intrusted with it should be kept in independence on the people, by a short duration of their appointments; and that even during this short period the trust should be placed not in a few, but a number of hands. Stability, on the contrary, requires that the hands in which power is lodged should continue for a length of time the same.

A frequent change of men will result from a frequent return of elections; and a frequent change of measures from a frequent change of men: whilst energy in government requires not only a certain duration of power, but the execution of it by a single hand.

Well, shit, man.  This was never gonna fucking work.


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when you win and fail--that brings madness

Yeah, but Obama didn't even put Merrick Garland on SCOTUS when he could:

Jason Chaffetz, the same person who wants to question the head of the Office of Government Ethics because he dared criticize Trump's claim about how he will put his businesses in a "blind trust," has said he will continue to investigate Clinton's use of a private e-mail server.  Would that lead to referring criminal charges to the DOJ?  Well, when the PEOTUS says Ms. Clinton is "guilty as hell," why should anyone think it will stop with his inflammatory tweets?
So the only decent thing for Barack Obama to do, the one thing that cannot be undone, is to issue a pardon to Hillary Clinton for anything she might have done which might be construed as an illegal act.  Whether she accepts it is another matter, but she doesn't deserve to be hounded, much as her husband was, by an overzealous prosecutor with an axe to grind.

The common clay of our Heartland will get to act out all their revenge fantasies through every organ of government, until said government no longer exists...


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Satan shall work no gain for his legions of Hampshire and York!

Come York or come Hampshire, come traitors or knaves. 
If ye rule o’er our land, ye shall rule o’er our graves;
Our vow is recorded—our banner unfurled,
In the name of Vermont we defy all the world!

 - John Greenleaf Whittier

Vermonters began as a bunch of landgrabbing asshole rebels:

The Governor of New York had threatened to drive the military (his opposers) into the Green Mountains, from which circumstance they took the name of Green Mountain Boys. In consequence hereof the Convention passed a resolution that no officer from New York be allowed to carry out of the district of New Hampshire Grants, any person, without permission of the Committees of Safety ; or of the military Commanders. Surveyors of land under New York were forbid to run any lines within the Grants ; transgressors in this point were to be punished according to the judgment of a Court formed from among the elders of the people, or military commanders.

Their punishment sometimes consisted in whipping severely with beech twigs, and banishment, not to return on pain of suffering the resentment of the Green Mountain Boys. Mr. Hugh Monroe, an old offender, was taken, tried and ordered to be whipped on his naked back ; he was tied to a tree and flogged till he fainted ; on recovering he was whipped again until he fainted ; he recovered and underwent a third lashing until he fainted; his wounds were then dressed, and he was banished the district of the New Hampshire Grants.

These severities were used to deter people from endangering their lives, and to prevent aid being given to the land claimants of New York ; they proved to answer the purpose, and the Green Mountain Boys soon became the terror of their adversaries. When the Sheriffs officers came to collect debts they were used with civility, and the cause of the people was explained ; in this way the strength of the enemy was weakened, and the cause of the settlers gained strength and credit. 

So the Green Mountain Thugs declared independence on this date in 1777.  Not from Great Britain, but from New York and New Hampshire.  Thus the Republic of New Connecticut (later that year changing our name to Vermont, which was totally a Republic) was nobly born!


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Saturday, 01/14/2017

Smells Like Trump Spirit

It's fun to lose and to pretend.


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одного поля ягоды

Facebook thread reminded me of the Russian idiom for "two peas in a pod."  More true than ever in about a week.  Fascism is as fascism does, right, Captain Tenille?


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Beauty is a thing which must sleep

Death Poem:

A small night storm blows
Saying ‘falling is the essence of a flower’
Preceding those who hesitate

Yukio Mishima.


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We're Gonna Need A New Republic

Big Bird had the right idea back in '09: time to migrate to another habitat.


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Damn, Now I Wish We Had A Hereditary Monarchy

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Federalist 22:

One of the weak sides of republics, among their numerous advantages, is that they afford too easy an inlet to foreign corruption. An hereditary monarch, though often disposed to sacrifice his subjects to his ambition, has so great a personal interest in the government and in the external glory of the nation, that it is not easy for a foreign power to give him an equivalent for what he would sacrifice by treachery to the state. The world has accordingly been witness to few examples of this species of royal prostitution, though there have been abundant specimens of every other kind.

In republics, persons elevated from the mass of the community, by the suffrages of their fellow-citizens, to stations of great pre-eminence and power, may find compensations for betraying their trust, which, to any but minds animated and guided by superior virtue, may appear to exceed the proportion of interest they have in the common stock, and to overbalance the obligations of duty. Hence it is that history furnishes us with so many mortifying examples of the prevalency of foreign corruption in republican governments.

Well, shit, man.  This was never gonna fucking work.


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Typical Narcissist Personality Disorder

PEEONUS needs White Saint Putin to balance Black Devil Lewis (and all the other sinners).  Papa's home, America!


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Donald Trump, Jr, In Paris

Ah, the heady days of January 14, 1784:

On the report of a committee, consisting of Mr. [Thomas] Jefferson, Mr. [Elbridge] Gerry, Mr. [William] Ellery, Mr. [Jacob] Read and Mr. [Benjamin] Hawkins, to whom were referred the definitive treaty of peace between the United States of America and his Britannic Majesty, and the joint letter of the 10 September, from Mr. Adams, Mr. Franklin and Mr. Jay,

Resolved, unanimously, nine states being present, that the said definitive treaty be, and the same is hereby ratified by the United States in Congress assembled...

Now know ye that we the United States in Congress assembled having seen and considered the definitive articles aforesaid have approved, ratified and confirmed and by these presents do approve, ratify and confirm the said articles and every part and clause thereof, engaging and promising, that we will sincerely and faithfully perform and observe the same, and never suffer them to be violated by any one or transgressed in any manner as far as lies in our power...

Resolved, That the said ratification be transmitted with all possible despatch, under the care of a faithful person, to our ministers in France, who have negotiated the treaty, to be exchanged.

Resolved, That Colonel Josiah Harmar be appointed to carry the said ratification.

Ordered, That the Superintendent of Finance furnish Colonel Harmar with money to defray his necessary expences.

Resolved, That a proclamation be immediately issued, notifying the said definitive treaty and ratification to the several states of the union, and requiring their observance thereof...

One hopes PEEONUS abrogates this abominable treaty as soon as practicable...


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Friday, 01/13/2017

Trump Declared Bankruptcy In Reno

Just to watch democracy die...


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Has Trump Fired The Poet Laureate Yet?

Remembering Frost at Kennedy’s Inauguration  :

Even the flags seemed frozen
to their poles, and the men
stamping their well-shod feet
resembled an army of overcoats.
But we were young and fueled
by hope, our ardor burned away
the cold. We were the president’s,
and briefly the president would be ours.
The old poet stumbled
over his own indelible words,
his breath a wreath around his face:
a kind of prophecy.

Linda Pastan.


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All Politics Be Smoke And Mirrors

Yeah, this is kinda what I was saying the other day: being pissed about a vote for or against vaporware is quite silly.  Booker's stupid explanation doesn't help, but seriously, people...


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Thursday, 01/12/2017

goddamned oscillation overthruster

Stop... Donald... Trump... before sun... set!


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What the Thunder Said

The Waste Land:

  After the torchlight red on sweaty faces
After the frosty silence in the gardens
After the agony in stony places
The shouting and the crying
Prison and palace and reverberation
Of thunder of spring over distant mountains
He who was living is now dead
We who were living are now dying
With a little patience

TS Eliot.


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Ambassador Donald Trump, Jr

Our most eminent Founding Father, John Quincy Adams, writing to his mother in 1783:

The government of Russia is entirely despotical. The Sovereign is absolute, in all the extent of the word. The persons, the Estates, the fortunes of the Nobility depend entirely upon his Caprice. And the nobility have the same power over the people, that the Sovereign has over them. The Nation is wholly composed of Nobles and Serfs, or in other words, of Masters and Slaves.
This form of Government is disadvantageous to the Sovereign to the Nobles and to the People; for first, it Exposes the Sovereign every Moment to to the People, No body I believe will assert that a People can be happy who are subjected to personal Slavery.

We've really come a long way since then, right?


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Wednesday, 01/11/2017

Mister President, you asked to see me

I know you're busy, but let's resist, maybe...


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What About Sleeping Bears?

The Lies Of Sleeping Dogs:

That they’re sleeping is the first lie:
but with the same mechanism by which
they sense your fear, you already know
that they're pretending, feigning sleep
because they too are afraid.Man’s best friend is another lie:
they don’t want to sleep at your feet;
won’t guard or protect you;
will not live the lie of lap dogs.
Leashed, they coil and uncoil on the brain stem,
they watch you sleeping with one eye open
as though in the midst of an armed camp.
They would run you ragged through a briary wood;
they would devour you if they could
but indifl'erently, not from cruelty.

Susan Dwyer.


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Russians Have No Word For 'Bankruptcy'

Not long before the House considered Hamilton's report on the Treasury:

Mr. Boudinot, from the committee appointed to examine the Journal of the last session, and to report therefrom all such matters of business as were then depending and undetermined, made a report, which was read, and is as followeth:

Your committee further report, that committees were appointed to prepare and bring in the several bills following, to wit:

A bill to establish a Uniform System on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States.

Something near and dear to PEEONUS' heart.


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когда президент это делает, это не является незаконным

Yes, actually, he bloody well should:

“President-elect Trump should not be expected to destroy the company he built," said Trump attorney Sheri Dillon.

Dude ran for the highest office of the land, and will swear to uphold the Constitution which says no goddamned emoluments.  A good businessman would have assessed the risks to his business before making a decision to go into public service.  Like the Fucking Framers intended.


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Кто я, поверишь мне или своим собственным глазам?

Seriously, when PEEONUS "debunks" claims that Russia has shit over him by citing Russia...I can't even.  It was a Republic, and we didn't keep it.  But at least we got an awesome musical out of it.


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You Know Why I'm Willing To Giving Credence To Allegations About President Golden Showers?

Because just enough of the minority voted for him based on a bullshit email scandal and FBI gamemanship.  Excuse me...because PEEONUS, the Biggest Birther, speaks his "mind."  


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What Is This, Pre-Nazi Germany?

Let the Ruhrkampf be our guide.  From Gene Sharp's paper on civilian-based defense:

Probably the first case in history of nonviolent resistance as official government policy against a foreign invasion was the German struggle in the Ruhr against the French and Belgian occupation in 1923. The Ruhr struggle is especially complex and covers the period from January 11 to September 26,1923...The French and Belgian invasion was launched to secure scheduled payments of reparations (following the First World War) despite Germany's extreme financial difficulties and to gain other political objectives (such as separation of the Rhineland from Germany).

The occupation was met by the Germans with a policy of noncooperation, which had been decided upon only days before the actual invasion. There had been no preparation, but the resistance was to be fi- nanced by the German government...

Actual noncooperation against the invasion forces developed gradually. The means included the refusal to obey orders of the occupation forces; nonviolent acts of defiance; the refusal of mine owners to serve the invaders; massive demonstrations at courts during trials of resist- ers; the refusal of German policemen to salute foreign officials; the refusal of German workers to run the railroads for the French; the dismantling of railroad equipment; the refusal of shopkeepers to sell to foreign soldiers; the refusal of ordinary people, even when hungry, to use occupation-organized soup kitchens; defiant publication of news- papers in spite of many bans; posting of resistance proclamations and posters; and refusal to mine coal.

Repression was severe...Resistance was complicated by various types of sabotage, including demolitions, which sometimes killed occupation personnel...Widespread unemployment and hunger were severe problems along with continuing extraordinary inflation. The unity of resistance, and to a large extent even the will to resist, was finally broken.

On September 26, the German government called off the noncooperation campaign, but the sufferings of the population increased. Complex negotiations occurred...

Belgians widely protested against their govemment's actions. Some French people became advocates for the Germans, called advocats des boches. Toward the end of 1923, Poincare admitted to the French National Assembly that his policies had failed. Germany could not claim victory, but the invaders finally withdrew, and the Rhineland was not detached from Germany. The invaders had achieved neither their economic nor their political objectives.

Britain and the United States intervened and secured a restructuring of reparations payments. The Dawes Plan was developed to deal with reparations, occupation costs, and German financial solvency, and provided a loan to Germany--all on the assumption that Germany would remain united.

Occupation forces were all withdrawn by June 1925.

Don't cooperate with Putin's Amerika.  Force the kinky occupiers to withdraw.


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Tuesday, 01/10/2017

Another Overrated One

D'you learn that song yesterday?


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Old violence is not too old to beget new values.

The Bloody Sire:

It is not bad.  Let them play.
Let the guns bark and the bombing-plane
Speak his prodigious blasphemies.
It is not bad, it is high time,
Stark violence is still the sire of all the world’s values.

Robinson Jeffers.


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Golden Showers Fill Your Spies

What will we tell the children?


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Far gone in Utopian speculations

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Federalist 6:

The genius of republics (say they) is pacific; the spirit of commerce has a tendency to soften the manners of men, and to extinguish those inflammable humors which have so often kindled into wars. Commercial republics, like ours, will never be disposed to waste themselves in ruinous contentions with each other. They will be governed by mutual interest, and will cultivate a spirit of mutual amity and concord.

Is it not (we may ask these projectors in politics) the true interest of all nations to cultivate the same benevolent and philosophic spirit? If this be their true interest, have they in fact pursued it? Has it not, on the contrary, invariably been found that momentary passions, and immediate interest, have a more active and imperious control over human conduct than general or remote considerations of policy, utility or justice?

Have republics in practice been less addicted to war than monarchies? Are not the former administered by MEN as well as the latter? Are there not aversions, predilections, rivalships, and desires of unjust acquisitions, that affect nations as well as kings? Are not popular assemblies frequently subject to the impulses of rage, resentment, jealousy, avarice, and of other irregular and violent propensities?

Is it not well known that their determinations are often governed by a few individuals in whom they place confidence, and are, of course, liable to be tinctured by the passions and views of those individuals? Has commerce hitherto done anything more than change the objects of war? Is not the love of wealth as domineering and enterprising a passion as that of power or glory?

Have there not been as many wars founded upon commercial motives since that has become the prevailing system of nations, as were before occasioned by the cupidity of territory or dominion? Has not the spirit of commerce, in many instances, administered new incentives to the appetite, both for the one and for the other? Let experience, the least fallible guide of human opinions, be appealed to for an answer to these inquiries.

Well, shit, man.  This was never gonna fucking work.


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Two On The Vine

Trump had nothing on this guy's perfect hands.


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Fare Thee Well

Unanimously-elected loser:

If we remain one people under an efficient government. the period is not far off when we may defy material injury from external annoyance; when we may take such an attitude as will cause the neutrality we may at any time resolve upon to be scrupulously respected; when belligerent nations, under the impossibility of making acquisitions upon us, will not lightly hazard the giving us provocation; when we may choose peace or war, as our interest, guided by justice, shall counsel.

Why forego the advantages of so peculiar a situation? Why quit our own to stand upon foreign ground? Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor or caprice?

It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world; so far, I mean, as we are now at liberty to do it; for let me not be understood as capable of patronizing infidelity to existing engagements. I hold the maxim no less applicable to public than to private affairs, that honesty is always the best policy. I repeat it, therefore, let those engagements be observed in their genuine sense.

To be fair, PEOTUS Trump is trying to blow up our NATO alliance, making him clearly the inheritor of Washington's principles...


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All the social papers say I've got the biggest balls of all

Trump's inauguration is gonna be classy as...


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Belisarius Just Got The President Re-elected

Madame Streep to the white courtesy phone:

[T]he stern, tho unerring voice of posterity, will not fail to render the just sentence of condemnation on the man who has entailed upon his country deep and incurable public evils

History does not record President Washington's 3am twitter rampage for some reason...


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Monday, 01/09/2017

Long We've Tossed On The Rolling Main

Don't forget your old shipmate...


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You will learn to balance between gravity and light


But it is not always quiet here.
Things go on while we sleep the sleep of soldiers.
Ancient branches crack and splinter into dust.
Large wings snap open in spring
like carpets splayed out over the railing.
Granite splits apart at the seams
and great animals cleave roads through woods.
Daily, in the density, there is life
on the edge of the knife that cuts the world
into hemispheres of sense and death.

Alice B. Fogel.


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Clymer? I Hardly...

Wonder if Charles Clymer is related to George Clymer?


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Responding To The SOTU In A More Genteel Epoch

January 9, 1790:

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this committee that an address ought to be presented by the House to the President of the United States, in answer to his Speech to both Houses, with assurances that this House will, without delay, proceed to take into their serious consideration the various and important matters recommended to their attention.

Sorry, that's more than 140 characters.


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Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it?

Mr Kasparov should consider whether he's ever seen Vladimir Putin and Roy Batty in the same room together.


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Putin Set Us Up The Neutron Bomb

Russia can nuke our democracy and Trump Tower is still standing!


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