Thursday, 07/26/2007

Welcome To Killfile. Population: YOU.

Not exactly an Atriotism, but there's been lots of reference to "killfiling" trolls.  Firefox users can download Greasemonkey, then install this script that will block troll comments and nicely reformat the Haloscan window.  There is also a more traditional killfile available, but it ain't as slick.


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Saturday, 05/26/2007

Duck Pit

From Apprentice to Darth Holden:

When The Revolution comes, we won't, in a very 60's manner, put the "mofos up against the wall!" It's just too strident, too cliche.

No, we're going to throw them into the Duck Pit. Where they will be nibbled to death by hungry ducks. This fate is amusing to the observer, and humiliating and painful for those tossed in.

First six Duck Pit visitors: The Felonious Five and "Judge" Starr.

Then media whores will take their turns. Gerth. Steno Sue. Blitzer. Hannity. O'Reilly. Russert. Tweety. All the rest.

The inspiration for the Duck Pit:

LONDO: This, this, this is like being nibbled to death by . . . what are those Earth creatures called? Feathers. Long bills. Webbed feet. Go quack.

VIR: Cats.

LONDO: Cats. I'm being nibbled to death by cats.

I don't think I'll be able to find the original reference since it's so old.


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Saturday, 04/07/2007


Term coined by Holden to mock Tena for mucking up her tags all the time in Haloscan, resulting in her entire comment being italicized, not just the snip she's quoting.

Provisional coinage date: 2/7/07.  First recorded use as part of the accepted lexicon by stu (sdf):

Yes, yes I am. And I hate you for it. But only if you're Catholic. Or Edwards' banning blogmaster pussy person.
NTodd, One Man Hate Brigade |

I thought you also hated Japanese people.  Or was that just yesterday?


Fuck now I caught a case of the slanties.

Looking for original appearance...


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Tuesday, 06/20/2006

Tastee Freeze

So, Holden...wanna 'splain?  Anybody else?  Bueller?


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Saturday, 06/10/2006

How To Tell There's A New Thread

There are now three codewords currently used by Atriots to announce Atrios has posted something new above a thread that is straining from the weight of hundreds (or now thousands) of comments:

  • Sheets - the original codeword, replacing a straightforward "there's a new thread" approach.  It came out of troll-infested threads, and when a new post appeared, commenters would enjoy "clean sheets without troll messes".
  • Owls - the origin is unclear, but in an attempt to not let trolls in on the fact that there was a new thread, somebody (fourlegs, perhaps?) started using "owls" in place of "sheets".  Anecdotal evidence suggests it was inspired by the use of owls as messengers in Harry Potter.
  • Turtles - at the time of the Ben Domenech/WaPo scandal, it was discovered that he was responsible for a line about "box turtle marriage" in a speech by Sen. Cornyn.  Thus Ben was sometimes called "Box Turtle Ben", and yours truly agitated to make "turtles" the new "owls", with moderate success.

All three terms are equally valid now, and sometimes you will see a combination of 2 or 3 used in the same announcement.  Usage depends on great deal on the personality of individual commenters.

If anybody has links to the original threads where the codes were first used, please put them in comments.  I'm too lazy.


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Monday, 06/05/2006

Units Of Time

We have two several units with which to measure time:

  • 1 Friedman = 6 months
  • 1 Bayh = 6 weeks
  • 1 Casey = 3 Friedmans [add 8/06]
  • 1 Kristol = 1/3 Friedman [added 9/06]
  • 1 Hamilton = 1/2 Friedman [added 9/06]

Uh, anybody wanna help find the appropriate posts/threads where the terms were coined, and by whom?  No, really, anybody?



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Saturday, 03/18/2006

NTodd's Pants

Okay, this one's self-centered, but the joke keeps cropping up so I figure I'm justified in covering it.

The most recent front page reference was to  Al Qaeda is In NTodd's Pants.  In comment threads often people make a crack about how I "don't wear pants".  Alas, I cannot link to the comment that started this because it was posted on the blog dedicated to our very first EschaCon, which has since been shutdown.

Short story longer: there was a post on the EschaCon site about setting up a blogger panel that originally was going to include Susie Madrak, Atrios and lowly NTodd.  Atrios made a silly comment about how he would only appear on the panel if NTodd were naked (no doubt a snark on the rampant virtual flirting in which NTodd often was/is involved).  That comment made its way onto the main Eschaton threads, morphing into "NTodd will be pantsless at EschaCon" and then taking on a life of its own.

I made a self-referential comment about blogging without pants in a comment thread defending EschaCon against stupidity at an Inky blog in August of 2005.  The rest is history.


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Sunday, 12/11/2005


Eschaton wouldn't be Eschaton without the entire community, and that includes the assmunch trolls.  Thers is the expert on them, but I'd like to tap the total expertise of the Atriots and add them to the...whatever the hell this encyclopedia/dictionary/thing is.  C'mon baby, show me love!


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Friday, 12/09/2005

Bobo's World

Okay, I haven't had any time to get things going full bore on the Atriopedia.  I'm going to be wicked busy over the next week or more, so lemme change tactics and make specific requests for definitions.

I'll start with Bobo's World.  Would somebody please do a write-up on the origin of the phrase, including (if possible) first instances of usage?  It doesn't have to be perfect, just something to get us started--I'll put it in the Wiki and then we can edit going forward.

Anyway, please post your ideas in comments.  And don't think that because somebody else already posted you shouldn't.  The more the merrier.


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Sunday, 11/27/2005

Atriotisms Wiki

Hey, I'm experimenting with, a free Wiki hosting service.  This blog will keep running, but I will also be playing with different architectures to tie the 2 sites together to make things more collaborative.

More to come...


PS--If anybody's interested in becoming a contributor/editor on the blog and/or the wiki, lemme know.

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