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February 23, 2005



Congrats NTodd, Stef and Cairo! Excellent article. I'll be blogging a blog post on my personal blog shortly to mention the article and link to your blog post on it. Great work!




Nice article! I have probably visited 5 or 6 towns in Vermont. My husband has a quest to visit every Manchester...we live in Manchester, CT, we've been to Manchester, NH and Manchester, VT, and Manchester, UK.


Hey! I just read that article and did a Google search for a blog which talked about it; I had no idea that freezing guy in the Times was the famous NTodd!

Arizona had a similar project a while back, I think. At least, I have a book of columns which resulted from something like it.

Charlotte Smith

That is the coolest article ever!!!

Anon in Ohio

Doorknobs? Cool! My Grandad used to collect them. He had a little musuem of them in the basement of he and grandma's house in Moline. I thought he was the only one!

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett

I'm reading the article in the Times right now--not even finished yet--and I just had to write you. I went to school in VT. (Goddard) and have often wanted to move back. Southern California is quite the opposite of Vermont. Glad you have this blog. I'll check in every so often.




Until I read your blog, I had no idea that the 251 Club existed! Loved the LA Times article. Thanks for posting it.



Well, actually not all towns are listed for the 251 club. For instance, Cady's Falls, Buehl's Gore, Centerville, Snowsville and Whipple Hollow, amoung others, are not on the list. See if you can find them. (yes, they do exist) The 251 club only covers the real towns not the unreal ones. Good Luck, Native Vermonter.

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