Wednesday, 08/23/2017

Sittin' On Top Of The World

Let's go pell-mell to heaven, if not hand in hand to hell.


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Tuesday, 08/22/2017



The ladies men admire, I’ve heard, 
Would shudder at a wicked word. 
Their candle gives a single light; 
They’d rather stay at home at night. 
They do not keep awake till three, 
Nor read erotic poetry. 
They never sanction the impure, 
Nor recognize an overture. 
They shrink from powders and from paints ... 
So far, I’ve had no complaints.

Dorothy Parker.


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So, Fuck This Guy

No need to worry about white saviour complex with this Ohio supreme court justice.  Prolly would never be caught dead in the Dawg Pound, anyway.


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I Pardon You

I imagine this is how shit goes down in the WH.


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Eclipse with Object:

There is a spectacle and something is added to history.
It has as its object an indiscretion: old age, a
gun, the prevention of sleep.
I am placed in its stead
and the requisite shadow is yours.
It casts across me, a violent coat.
It seems I fit into its sleeve.
So the body wanders.
Sometime it goes where light does not reach.
You recall how they moved in the moon dust? Hop, hop.
What they said to us from that distance was stupid.
They did not say I love you for example.
The spectacle has been placed in my room.
Can you hear its episode trailing,
pretending to be a thing with variegated wings?
Do you know the name of this thing?
It is a rubbing from an image.
The subject of the image is that which trespasses.
You are invited to watch. The body
in complete dark casting nothing back.
The thing turns and flicks and opens.

Ann Lauterbach.


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Monday, 08/21/2017

Here Comes The Earth

A nice vignette about Voyager's Golden Record on a nice, sunny day.


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Not just deaf and dumb

Staring at the sun...


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Happy Nat Turner Day!

Long before the Confederates' Noble War of Treason Over Taxes and Not Slavery, some ingrates yearned to breathe free:

Slaves wanted freedom from the moment they were enslaved. Whether committing suicide on the slave ships by jumping into the ocean, engaging in open rebellions like Nat Turner or the Stono Rebellion, running away, or just dreaming of a free life, slaves always wanted freedom from the hell of their lives. They took any change to get it. During the American Revolution and the War of 1812, thousands of slaves fled to British lines because of the promise of freedom. Many thousands more would have fled if they could have reached the British.

It's puzzling slaves would do such things when they got food and housing...FOR FREE!  That must be why we don't have lots of statues of them everywhere...


PS--Eclipses played a significant part in Nat Turner's revolt.

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Why you got to gimme a fight?

Can't you just let it be?


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you're ruining everyone's lives and eating all the steak.


Children, when was 
Napoleon Bonaparte born, 
asks teacher. 
A thousand years ago, the children say. 
A hundred years ago, the children say. 
Last year, the children say. 
No one knows. 
Children, what did 
Napoleon Bonaparte do, 
asks teacher. 
Won a war, the children say. 
Lost a war, the children say. 
No one knows. 
Our butcher had a dog 
called Napoleon, 
says Frantisek. 
The butcher used to beat him and the dog died 
of hunger 
a year ago. 
And all the children are now sorry 
for Napoleon.

Miroslav Holub.


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Friday, 08/18/2017


Brutes have risen to power, but they lie! They do not fulfill their promise; they never will.


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Thursday, 08/17/2017

You and your whole race.

Look down upon the town in which you live:

And be ashamed. 
Look down upon white folks   
And upon yourselves   
And be ashamed 
That such supine poverty exists there, 
That such stupid ignorance breeds children there 
Behind such humble shelters of despair— 
That you yourselves have not the sense to care 
Nor the manhood to stand up and say 
I dare you to come one step nearer, evil world, 
With your hands of greed seeking to touch my throat, I dare you to come one step nearer me: 
                        When you can say that 
                        you will be free! 

Langston Hughes.


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"When mobs are no longer possible, liberty will be dead."

This happened in America:

On April Z7, 1915, Mary Phagan, a fourteen-year-old employee of a Marietta, Georgia, pencil company, was found raped and murdered in the basement of the building where she worked. Her employer, Leo M. Frank, a Jew originally from New York, was arrested, tried, and convicted of the murder.

The evidence against Frank was biased and inconsistent. (Not until 1982 would Frank's complete innocence come to light as the result of a witness's deathbed statement.) After various civil liberties groups denounced the injustice of Frank's death sentence, the governor of Georgia commuted it to life imprisonment...

When Frank was found guilty of the Phagan murder, [former U.S. Representative Thomas E. Watson] wrote, “Our Little Girl—ours by the Eternal God—has been pursued to a hideous death and bloody grave by this filthy perverted Jew of New York. " When Frank's sentence was commuted, Watson swiftly decided that the action had been effected by an international Jewish conspiracy. After all, like niggers, Jews had “a ravenous appefite for the forbidden fruit." Furthermore, Frank belonged to the “Jewish aristocracy," and it was easy for the Jews of the world to arrange that “no aristocrat of their race should die for the death of a working-class Gentile." He ended with a boldfaced exhortation: “RISE! PEOPLE OF GEORGIA!” 

One hundred men answered his call. Gathering at midnight on Mary Phagan’s grave, they selected a team of twenty-five, including a Methodist minister, to avenge the little girl's death. A month later, August 16, 1915, Frank was abducted from a Georgia prison farm and hanged by the first lynching party in America to use automobiles.

The members of the party christened themselves the Knights of Mary Phagan, and exactly two months after the lynching, they climbed Stone Mountain (a 1,780-foot-high chunk of granite eighteen miles from Atlanta) and burned a gigantic cross that was “visible throughout the city.” Many Georgians approved of the lynching and applauded the cross buming. Watson certainly did...and in the September 2 issue of the Jeffersonian, he suggested that “another Ku Klux Klan" be organized “to restore HOME RULE.”

A nice innovation: the first lynching party that used cars.  Progress!


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Tearing Down Statues Of Tyrants

Once you rip 'em down, what do you do?

After the Declaration is read to the troops:

Last Night the Statue on the Bowling Green representing George Ghwelph alias George Rex...was pulled down by the Populace. In it were 4,000 Pounds of Lead, & a Man undertook to take of 10 oz of Gold from the Superficies, as both Man & Horse were covered with Gold Leaf.

The Lead, we hear, is to be run up into Musquet Balls for the use of the Yankies, when it is hoped that the Emanations of the Leaden George will make as deep impressions in the Bodies of some of his red Coated & Torie Subjects, & that they will do the same execution in poisoning & destroying them, as the superabundant Emanations of the Folly & pretended Goodness of the real George have made upon their Minds, which have effectually poisoned & destroyed their Souls, that they are not worthy to be ranked with any Beings who have any Pretensions to the Principles of Virtue & Justice ; but would to God that the unhappy contest might be ended without puting us to the disagreeable Necessity of sending them to dwell with those beings for the Company of whom alone their Tempers & dispositions are now suitable.

Indeed, part of it was made into precisely 42,088 balls (perhaps half of what could've been).  As Ebenezer Howard wrote to General Gates: [The king's] troops will probably have melted Majesty fired at them.

You fascist slavers wanna war?  No problem: we've got the balls, and you by the short hairs.

Pax tibi in christo,

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Wednesday, 08/16/2017

Little pink houses for you and me

There's winners, and there's losers, but they ain't no big deal...


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Ain't That America


[Y]ou will see what I mean for you to see— 
             The white hand: 
             The thieving hand. 
             The white face: 
             The lying face. 
             The white power: 
             The unscrupulous power 
That makes of you 
The hungry wretched thing you are today.

Langston Hughes.


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