Tuesday, 12/12/2017

One Of Our Lawyers Is A Jew!

And one of our bankers, too!


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Monday, 12/11/2017

if it hasn’t snowed by mid-December

House: Some Instructions:

If you have a house
you must think about it all the time   
as you reside in the house so
it must be a home in your mind
you must ask yourself (wherever you are)   
have I closed the front door
and the back door is often forgotten   
not against thieves necessarily

Grace Paley.


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Sunday, 12/10/2017

My Favorite Present

That said, I do love 2009's death scene the best.


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Do not fret because of those who are evil

The Savior must have been A docile Gentleman—

To come so far so cold a Day
For little Fellowmen—

The Road to Bethlehem
Since He and I were Boys
Was leveled, but for that ‘twould be
A rugged Billion Miles—

Emily Dickinson.


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There are too many Amendments these days. Please eliminate three.

I am NOT a crackpot:

[O]ne of the hosts says he would like to see an amendment that would void all the amendments after the Tenth.
"That would eliminate many problems," Moore replied. "You know people don't understand how some of these amendments have completely tried to wreck the form of government that our forefathers intended."
Moore cited the 17th Amendment, which calls for the direct election of senators by voters rather than state legislatures, as one he particularly found troublesome.

Sure, dump the 11th and 12th, but not the 17th!


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We Can, Indeed, Tell A Good Tree From A Poor Tree

Feeling the spirit.


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Isn't there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?

Sure, Charlie Brown:

Da mercedes, Domine, sustinembus te, ut prophetae tui fideles inveniantur.
Have mercy...


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Salt Of The Earth

Matthew 5:13.


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Salt The Earth

Congress, December 9, 1776:

Whereas, in consequence of many complaints that engrossers had distressed the public, by raising salt to an exorbitant price, the council of safety of Pensylvania, with the approbation of Congress, took the management of the affair into their hands, and have endeavoured, by as just and equal a distribution as possible of the salt imported from time to time, to supply the different parts of the country; yet, it is found upon trial, either from the artful conduct of interested persons not discovered, or from the impossibility of the thing itself, that the remedy has been ineffectual; and, on the contrary, salt continues scarcer and dearer in this port, than where no regulation has been tried: Therefore,

Resolved, That it be recommended to the council of safety of Pensylvania, to take off all restraint upon the sale of salt; and give public notice, that it shall be lawful for any person to import and sell it, in such manner, and at such price, as he shall find voluntary purchasers.

The salt issue was a pretty big deal at the start of our Ole Revolution.  Not unlike in India a couple centuries later.


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Saturday, 12/09/2017

It was the Winter wilde

Hymn On The Morning Of Christ's Nativity:

[P]eacefull was the night 
Wherin the Prince of light 
   His raign of peace upon the earth began: 
The Windes with wonder whist, 
Smoothly the waters kist, 
   Whispering new joyes to the milde Ocean, 
Who now hath quite forgot to rave, 
While Birds of Calm sit brooding on the charmeed wave. 

John Milton.


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Tuesday, 12/05/2017


Send to Coventry.


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