Monday, 09/17/2018

there's rain enough for everyone

You'll hear us laugh once again...


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changing ships the dead among the wreckage sickly green

It Is a Living Coral:

a trouble
archaically fettered
to produce
E Pluribus Unum an
in the sea a Capitol
by Armed Liberty—
sculpture straddled by
a dome
eight million pounds
in weight
iron plates constructed
to expand
and contract with
of temperature
the folding
and unfolding of a lily.
And Congress
authorized and the
was entrusted was

William Carlos Williams.


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Don't Cry, America

Today is notable, and not just because Ericka and I were supposed to get publicly married on a beach before a rainstorm postponed things for 24 hours way back in '16:

On the question to agree to the Constitution enrolled in order to be signed. It was agreed to all the States answering ay.
The members then proceeded to sign the instrument.

Whilst the last members were signing it Doctr. FRANKLIN looking towards the Presidents Chair, at the back of which a rising sun happened to be painted, observed to a few members near him, that Painters had found it difficult to distinguish in their art a rising from a setting sun. I have said he, often and often in the course of the Session, and the vicisitudes of my hopes and fears as to its issue, looked at that behind the President without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting: But now at length I have the happiness to know that it is a rising and not a setting Sun.

The Constitution being signed by all the members except Mr. Randolph, Mr. Mason, and Mr. Gerry who declined giving it the sanction of their names, the Convention dissolved itself by an Adjournment sine die-

But of course, we still operated under the Articles of Confederation (America, not me and Ericka).  So to extend the metaphor, would ratification be when the Republic began to show (or in today's parlance, the sonogram was posted on Facebook)?  And the actual birthday be when Congress first met under the new framework?

Regardless, Happy Constitution Day.  May it be whatever it it aspired to be someday...


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Wednesday, 09/12/2018

none of you stand so tall

Pink moon gonna get ye all.


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Bored but in brute reality there is no road that is right entirely.


If we could get the hang of it entirely
   It would take too long;
All we know is the splash of words in passing   
   And falling twigs of song,
And when we try to eavesdrop on the great   
   Presences it is rarely
That by a stroke of luck we can appropriate   
   Even a phrase entirely.

Louis MacNeice.


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Fill my heart with song and let me sing for ever more

Why does Rice play Texas?

William Bradford, speaking in 1630 of the founding of the Plymouth Bay Colony, said that all great and honorable actions are accompanied with great difficulties, and both must be enterprised and overcome with answerable courage.

If this capsule history of our progress teaches us anything, it is that man, in his quest for knowledge and progress, is determined and cannot be deterred.

And away we went...


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Tuesday, 09/11/2018

When the day is done

Down to earth then sinks the sun along with everything that was lost and won...


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Knotted in heaven upon the fine light

Almond Blossom:

Even iron can put forth, 
Even iron. 
This is the iron age, 
But let us take heart 
Seeing iron break and bud, 
Seeing rusty iron puff with clouds of blossom. 

D. H. Lawrence.


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Your Quaker sensibilities do us a gross disservice, sir.

So Washington got his ass handed to him at Brandywine on 9/11/1777, and Congress started to get gloomy intelligence in the aftermath, so they hightailed it to Lancaster on 9/27, and York (where they accomplished zilch) the following day.  John Adams wrote of it thus:

York Town Pensylvania,

My best Friend Septr. 30. 1777 Tuesday 

It is now a long Time, since I had an Opportunity of writing to you, and I fear you have suffered unnecessary Anxiety on my Account. In the Morning of the 19th Inst., the Congress were allarmed, in their Beds, by a Letter from Mr. Hamilton one of General Washingtons Family, that the Enemy were in Possession of the Ford over the Schuylkill, and the Boats, so that they had it in their Power to be in Philadelphia, before Morning. The Papers of Congress, belonging to the Secretary's Office, the War Office, the Treasury Office, &c. were before sent to Bristol. The President, and all the other Gentlemen were gone that Road, so I followed, with my Friend Mr. Merchant of Rhode Island, to Trenton in the Jersies. We stayed at Trenton, untill the 21 when We set off, to Easton upon the Forks of Delaware. From Easton We went to Bethlehem, from thence to Reading, from thence to Lancaster, and from thence to this Town, which is about a dozen Miles over the Susquehannah River. Here Congress is to sit. 

In order to convey the Papers, with safety, which are of more Importance than all the Members, We were induced to take this Circuit, which is near 180 Miles, whereas this Town by the directest Road is not more than 88 Miles from Philadelphia. This Tour has given me an Opportunity of seeing many Parts of this Country, which I never saw before. 
This Morning Major Throop arrived here with a large Packett from General Gates, containing very agreable Intelligence,(1) which I need not repeat, as you have much earlier Intelligence from that Part than We have. 

I wish Affairs here wore as pleasing an Aspect. But alass they do not. 

I shall avoid every Thing like History, and make no Reflections. 

However, General Washington is in a Condition tolerably respectable, and the Militia are now turning out, from Virginia, Maryland and Pensilvania, in small Numbers. All the Apology that can be made, for this Part of the World is that Mr. Howes march from Elke to Philadelphia, was thro the very Regions of Passive obedience. The whole Country thro which he passed, is inhabited by Quakers. There is not such another Body of Quakers in all America, perhaps not in all the World. 

I am still of Opinion that Philadelphia will be no Loss to Us.

Sometimes I get the sense that Adams did not appreciate people of my Perswasion, particularly a certain great Fortune and piddling Genius.  Sure, Quakers gave him cause for some frustration at times, and he wasn't the only one who found them to be difficult, but c'mon, man, give up the grudge.

Even Gloomy Gus Adams would feel a little sunnier in a few weeks (no thanks to any Friends, I'm sure)...


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Monday, 09/10/2018

Lost in their eyes as you hurry by

Counting the broken ties they decide.


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